School holiday fun doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 5 budget friendly ideas to enjoy during the school holidays this Autumn.

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Check out your local shopping centre for free or cheap activities

Most local shopping centres these days offer great holiday activities for kids. Sand art, Lego competitions, petting zoos, and scavenger hunts are just a few things we’ve had in our small town. I find the best way to know what’s coming up is to keep an eye on Facebook. See what you can find on offer near you.

Board games are a relatively quick and simple, budget friendly school holiday activity that offers the opportunity for a little bit of basic addition revisionPlay board games

I’ve written before about how awesome board games can be. I think Trouble is a good one to start with. It’s relatively quick and simple, it even offers the opportunity for a little bit of basic addition revision.

Build a blanket fort

This is an awesome idea for those rainy days when you’re stuck at home, inside. Throw a blanket over the dining table or rearrange the couches a little to make a hidey-hole. Bonus points if you can set it up just right so that you can see the TV from inside and they can double as snuggle nests for a movie night.

Geocaching involves finding hidden caches using an app and GPS. See what treasures you can find in your local area for a budget friendly school holiday activity.

Try Geocaching

Geocaching involves finding hidden caches (treasures) using an app and GPS. We actually call this Treasure Hunting in our house. Check out the app to see what treasures are available in your local area.


When all else fails, get the Lego out. I don’t think I’ve ever met a child that doesn’t like Lego (Let’s be honest, even I love Lego!), and they can then play with their creations once they’re built. Two activities for the price of one!

What do you have planned for the school holidays? I’d love to hear some more ideas to keep Porkchop busy in the comments.



I know some people aren’t huge fans of Valentine’s Day, but I quite like it. A day dedicated to love filled with chocolate and hearts? Yes please! In the past we have had years I just couldn’t stretch the budget to include presents so I’ve had to be a little creative. I thought today I would share some of my favourite budget friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

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Cook their favourite meal

I think most people enjoy a good home cooked meal, but when you know someone has cooked something just for you I feel like that makes it that little bit more special. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just whatever you know they will enjoy. There’s a good chance we’ll be having lasagna this Valentine’s Day.

Lasagna on a white plate

A list of things you love about them

My son loves treasure hunts and hide and seek, so a few years ago I wrote little notes of things I love about him on brightly coloured post-it notes and hid them around our living room. He had an awesome time finding them all and loved reading all the wonderful things about himself. Afterwards I stapled them together to make a little book of love for him to keep.

Bake them something

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies or muffins? That says love to me like nothing else. Similarly to cooking their favourite meal, bonus points if you make their baked good of choice!

Vanilla cupcakes with pink icing and love heart sprinkles

A book of coupons

The key to this one is only making vouchers for things you can deliver on. There is no point in promising someone a 10 minute foot rub if you hate feet. You will only regret it later. Some better ideas might be an uninterrupted bath, a date night, an afternoon nap, or the last piece of cake. Whatever your significant other would appreciate that you are happy to bestow. If you haven’t had time to organise anything, even just an I.O.U or two for the other options on this list would be a great idea.

Yourself, wrapped in a bow

Simple, yet effective!

So there you have some of my favourite budget friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas.  How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? I’d love to hear in the comments.



After a long year we are all ready for a little bit of a break. However, it doesn’t take long for boredom to set in, so here are 5 budget friendly school holiday ideas.

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Check out your local library for fun holiday activities

I’ve mentioned before that a visit to your local library is great for cheap family entertainment but the library in our area also offers school holidays activities. My son and I have made sparkly jewellery, cute badges, sand art, we’ve been to Lego afternoons, we have even enjoyed a pizza party! Check out what is on offer in your area. Keep in mind some activities do require you to book and don’t forget to stock up on books and movies while you’re there.

A movie night is a great (cheap) way to spend an evening with your family

Have a movie night

Put on your comfiest jammies, pop some popcorn, build a pillow fort and throw on one of the movies you picked up at the library. A great (cheap) way to spend an evening with your family.

Holiday at home

Sometimes a trip away just isn’t feasible, whether due to financial or time constraints so why not have a holiday at home? My son loves to help set a tent up in the back yard and playing in it with his toys. Finish the day off with a BBQ for dinner and eat outside. The best part is your still get to sleep in your own bed! Of course if you’re feeling really adventurous you could always sleep in the tent.

Cooking is a great budget friendly activity for kids

Do some baking

Cooking is a great activity for kids. Older kids can read the directions, younger kids can help with measuring ingredients and everyone has a turn at stirring. Once you’re done, sit down for an afternoon tea party to enjoy your spoils. Snap a picture and tag me on Facebook or Instagram so I can see.

Pack a picnic and head to the beach

Take your own lunch, maybe some of the treats you baked or just a few simple sandwiches. Enjoy the sun, fresh air, salt and build some sandcastles. Just remember to take lots of water, hats and sunscreen!

There you have 5 budget friendly ideas for activities to enjoy during the school holidays. What type of things do you like to do during the school holidays?