This week I thought I would share a few ideas my family uses to save money in Autumn. Although you wouldn’t know it from the weather we’ve had recently here in Australia, we are well and truly into the season and cooler weather is on the way.
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A striped pale blue and navy woollen jumper folded neatly on a blank background. Popping on a jumper is a great way to save money on heating.

Pop on a jumper

At some point in the upcoming months my husband is going to suggest getting out the heater, because he is cold. I am going to offer that perhaps the reason he is cold is because he’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt and suggest he should try putting on his jeans and a jumper and then seeing how he feels. Once he is rugged up all thoughts of the heater will disappear for another few weeks until it gets cold enough that we may actually need it. I know this is going to happen because it happens every year. Before you turn on the heater, try popping on another layer.

Check your house is airtight

Now is a good time to examine window and door seals to make sure they’re ready for the colder months. When you do finally turn the heater on you don’t want the warm air escaping through any pesky gaps. Also if you don’t have any, think about investing in a few door snakes to help keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

A modern bedroom with a grey rug on the floor to protect tootsies from cold floor boards on early Autumn mornings which saves money on heating.

Put down a rug or two

As the weather cools down and the days get shorter I find getting out of bed in the morning gets harder and harder. It’s even worse when you have to face freezing cold floors. Be kind to your tootsies and get yourself a rug now.

Hold a clothing swap

As lovely as it is to buy new clothes each season, sometimes the budget just won’t stretch that far. Why not organise a clothing swap with friends instead? You get new (to you) clothes and can clear out somethings you no longer wear. Win win!

A young heterosexual couple enjoying a walk with their child through the Autumn leaves, a great budget-friendly family activity during cooler months.

Skip the car and go for a walk

Going outside during Summer in Australia feels like some sort of hellish torture. However as the weather cools down walking when you only need to travel a short distance will help both your budget and your health.

So there you have 5 ways to save money in Autumn. What are your best tips for saving money as the weather cools down? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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