The last few weeks have been a bit stressful around here and I am feeling wiped out. When this happens, I find it’s important to do a little something for myself to help me relax. As busy Mums we all know how difficult it can be to take time for ourselves, thanks to that charming monster that is “Mum Guilt”. So I thought today I would share 5 things I do when I feel my stress levels rising, that don’t take a lot of time or money, but that help me unwind.

Have a cup of tea

I know this sounds ridiculously simple, but when life is just getting way too much and it feels like things are coming at me from all sides, the best thing I can do is turn the kettle on. Just taking a few moments to take a break and do something for myself can give me that little recharge I need to get back on with life. If tea isn’t your drink of choice, find something that takes a moment to prepare that you can just sit quietly and enjoy. Don’t forget to make sure to use your favourite cup, it really helps, trust me!

Write it out

When I feel my stress level starts building I often find myself getting caught up in my own head. With all those thoughts going round and round sometimes I just need to get them out. For me, writing them down seems to be the best way to do this. Once I’m done, I can rip it up and throw it away if I feel like I really need to be rid of them, or I can simply just turn the page. I also find it helpful afterwards to take a moment and think of 5 good things in my life right now and write them down. This gives me a positive vibe to move forward with.

Get outside

This was something a follower suggested when I asked for ideas on my Facebook page earlier this week. She recommended taking off my shoes and standing barefoot in the grass with my eyes closed for 30 minutes. At first I felt a bit strange, and couldn’t help worrying about what my neighbours would think if they looked over the fence at that very moment, but after awhile I did start to feel calmer. Something about wiggling my toes in the grass and feeling the sun on my skin felt … peaceful. I didn’t last the whole 30 minutes but it’s definitely something that I am going to keep working towards as I think it will be helpful.

Take a bath

Sometimes a cup of team or getting my thoughts out just isn’t enough. Sometimes I need more. Soaking in a warm bath can do wonders for bringing back my sanity. I like to light a candle or two and add some bubbles or Epsom salt to the water. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a little something extra to make myself feel special. I might even pop on some Norah Jones, to really set the mood. It doesn’t have to be a long bath, 15 minutes later and I’m ready to face the world again.

Go for a walk

If all else fails get those endorphin’s pumping. Hopefully you’ll feel better in no time!

So there you have my 5 simple ways to de-stress. What do you do to relax and unwind? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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