While not always the cheapest meal there’s just something so lovely about a delicious weekend roast I just can’t resist and they come with the added bonus of… Leftovers! Not one to let things (food especially!) go to waste, I love to come up with different ways to use up leftovers. I thought I would share my favourite 5 ways to use up leftover roast meat.

1. Sandwiches – Leftover roast meat is great to use as sandwiches fillings for lunch. Use a few slices of your favourite bread, add some sauce or pickles, and salad if you swing that way and Voila! You have a cheap, delicious lunch.

2. Curry – This is probably my favourite thing to do with leftover roast meat. Curry is an easy, delicious meal to add to your weekly meal plan and using leftover roast meat makes it a super cheap dinner as well. I think I am going to write a separate post on how I make my curries so keep your eye out for that.

3. Pasta – Another cheap, easy meal to make with leftover meat is a simple pasta dish. Boil some pasta, whatever you have in the cupboard will do. Heat up the meat and add it to the pasta. Stir through some sauce and top with a bit of grated cheese. Simple and delicious!

4. Stock – Save (freeze if you have to) any leftovers, including meat bones, and use them to make homemade stock.

5. Pizza – Those of you who read my How I Meal Plan post will know we have Pizza Party Friday Night every week. Leftover roast meat and vegetables make awesome toppings for homemade pizzas. If you’d like a post on how we make our pizza’s let me know in the comments.

What’s your favourite thing to do with leftover roast meat? Leave a comment and let me know.

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